How UWB Technology is Solving Keyless Car Theft: Insights from Locus RTLS

How UWB Technology is Solving Keyless Car Theft: Insights from Locus RTLS


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As technology has advanced, so have the techniques used by car thieves. Keyless car theft, in particular, has been on the rise in recent years. In this type of theft, criminals use a device to amplify the signal from a key fob located inside a house or other building, allowing them to remotely access and start a vehicle without ever having to physically steal the key. However, recent news reports have highlighted the success of UWB (ultra-wideband) technology in preventing this type of theft. Locus RTLS is at the forefront of using UWB technology to protect cars from keyless theft.

In recent news, reports have surfaced about keyless car thefts using a previously unknown method of attack known as "keyless CAN injection." This has led to increased concerns over automotive security and the need for advanced security measures to protect vehicles from theft.

In a recent article from Ars Technica, researchers demonstrated how keyless car thefts can be carried out using this new method of attack. The article features a video that shows how thieves can use a simple electronic device to intercept signals from a key fob and inject their own messages into the car's CAN network, effectively bypassing the vehicle's security systems. This has led to a growing demand for advanced security measures that can protect against such attacks.

Watch the below video depicting the attack in action on Toyota RAV4 2021 - stolen in less than two minutes:-

The CAN injector bought in this video was disguised as a Bluetooth JBL speaker. That gives thieves cover in the event police or others become suspicious. Instead of carrying an obvious hacking device, the crook appears to possess an innocuous speaker

The CAN injector disguised as a JBL speaker.

A closer analysis revealed that there was much more to it. More specifically, there were CAN injector chips grafted to the circuit board.

CAN Injector chips enclosed in a glob of resin grafted onto the JBL circuit board.

What is UWB technology?

UWB technology is a type of wireless communication that uses a large bandwidth to transmit signals over short distances. This allows for highly accurate location data to be collected in real-time. UWB technology is used in a variety of applications, including indoor positioning systems, asset tracking, and now, car security.

How does UWB technology prevent keyless car theft?

UWB technology works by transmitting a signal between two devices, such as a key fob and a car. This signal can only be transmitted over a very short distance, usually a few centimetres, which means that it cannot be amplified by criminals looking to steal a car. UWB technology also uses highly accurate location data, which means that it can distinguish between the location of the key fob and the location of the criminal's device. This makes it virtually impossible for criminals to steal a car using keyless technology.

How is Locus RTLS using UWB technology to protect cars?

Locus RTLS is a leading provider of UWB technology for a variety of applications, including car security. Locus RTLS's UWB technology is able to provide highly accurate location data for both key fobs and cars, ensuring that only authorized users are able to access a vehicle. In addition, Locus RTLS's technology is able to detect when a key fob is being jammed, alerting the owner to potential theft attempts.

Car and technology

Why is UWB technology a better option for car security?

UWB technology is a much more secure option for car security than traditional key fobs, which are vulnerable to amplification attacks. In addition, UWB technology provides highly accurate location data, making it easier to locate stolen cars. As UWB technology becomes more widely adopted, it is likely to become the standard for car security in the future.


UWB technology is an innovative solution to the problem of keyless car theft, providing accurate and reliable location data to protect vehicles from theft. Locus RTLS is at the forefront of using UWB technology to provide car security solutions that are both effective and easy to use. As car theft continues to be a major problem around the world, it is important to consider the benefits of UWB technology in protecting your vehicle.

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